Why choose new tyres over old or used tyres?

A tire undergoes many external aggressions: driving on damaged roads, sporty driving, vehicle weight?

A good clue to spot the signs of weakness of your tire: watch for cracks on the sidewalls of your tire, a sign of a tire worn by the years!

An old car lovingly restored or preserved in principle travels few kilometers per year. Remember to check the pressure of your tires before each outing.

The ideal is to run your old one as much as possible, which reduces the phases of downtime that over time, can cause a deformation of your tire.

When and why replace your tires?

Subject to careful examination by the manufacturer, designed with high-performance raw materials, new tires ensure optimal safety. They are also quieter and more comfortable.

Used or new tires from an old stock are not recommended because it is impossible to know how they have been used or stored in the past. If they have been impacted against curbs, for example, they can burst at any time.

In addition, an old tire, even if not worn, is necessarily less safe than a new tire of recent manufacture. The tyre rubber ages badly over the years, which can lead to your tire bursting with the consequences that this can have! Do not risk your safety with old tires, even if they look okay.

Careful :

When using new tires for the first time, it is recommended to drive at an average speed for the first 200-300 kilometers, until the tread surface is a little rough. Only then is the full effectiveness of the tires achieved.