Dunlop 175/80R14 88H Sport Classic tire

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DUNLOP sport Classic, yesterday's look, today's technology: modern silica rubber compound for wet grip and optimized braking distance. Reinforced internal lining and latest generation carcass, provide stability and driving precision at high speeds! Braking and driving precision on dry ground are as efficient and precise as on modern profiles.
Reference 1141750003
Design tubeless tyre, assembly with inner tube possible
Dimension 175/80R14 88H
Boudin Width 177mm
Tire outer diameter 634mm
Authorized rim (mini, ideal, maxi) 4.5-6.0 inches
Width 175
Series 80
Structure R
Diameter 14
Load index 88
Speed index H
Profile Sports Classic
tread width 175mm
Basic designation 175R14
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