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Michelin tire 185VR15 93V XVS

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Michelin XVS collection tyre. The XVS is an asymmetric tread tyre. Remarkable stability, exceptional cornering handling, designed for high speeds.

Reference 1151850001
Design tubeless tyre, assembly with inner tube possible
Dimension 185VR15 93V
Boudin Width 188mm
Tire outer diameter 674mm
Authorized rim (mini, ideal, maxi) 4.5-5.5-6.0 inches
Width 185
Structure VR
Diameter 15
Load index 93
Speed index V
Profile XVS
Basic designation 185R15
icon_image_1665591682.png Ce produit peut se monter sur :
AC,Cobra I,AC,Cobra Mk II,ALVIS,3L Serie II,ALVIS,3L Serie III,ARMSTRONG-SIDDELEY,Sapphire 234,AUSTIN,A90-A95-A105,AWE,311/9,BMW,501-8,BMW,502,BORGWARD,1800,BORGWARD,2400,BORGWARD,H2400,BORGWARD,Hansa,CISITALIA,202D,DAIMLER,2,5L V8 Saloon,DODGE,D25,DODGE,D31-D35 Kingsway,DODGE,D39,DODGE,D40-1 Kg.,DONALD HEALEY,3L,DONALD HEALEY,Sport,E.M.W.,311/9,FORD,Comete,HUDSON,Rambler 6B,HUMBER,Hawk,HUMBER,Mark IV,JAGUAR,2 Litres 400,JAGUAR,2-4 Litres,JAGUAR,3-4 Litres,JENSEN,Interceptor,MERCEDES,170S,MERCEDES,220,NASH,4840,NASH,5040,NASH,5140,NASH,5211-5240,NASH,5311-5340,NASH,Rambler,NASH,Stateman,OPEL,Kapitan,PLYMOUTH,Concard,PLYMOUTH,Luxe,PLYMOUTH,Savoy,PLYMOUTH,Subruban,RENAULT,Fregate,ROVER,95-110,SIMCA VEDETTE,Comete,STANDARD,Championne,STUDEBAKER,Champion,STUDEBAKER,Gd Turism.,STUDEBAKER,Lark,STUDEBAKER,Silver Hawk,TVR,Tuscan V8,VOLVO,221,WARSZAWA,203,WARTBURG,1000 SW,
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