Waymaster 640-15 86P BL100 classic tire

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Disponible - Livraison sous 24 / 48h
The WAYMASTER BL100 classic 640-15 86 P tire offers a look in keeping with the era of your old car, and has a very good value for money
Reference 1156401000
Design tube type tyre, fitting with an inner tube mandatory
Dimension 640-15 86P
Boudin Width 168mm
Tire outer diameter 680mm
Authorized rim (mini, ideal, maxi) 4.5-5 inches
Width 640
Structure -
Diameter 15
Load index 86
Speed index P
Profile BL100 classic
Basic designation 640-15
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AC,Cobra I,AC,Cobra Mk II,ALVIS,3L Serie II,ALVIS,3L Serie III,ARMSTRONG-SIDDELEY,Sapphire 234,AUSTIN,A90-A95-A105,AWE,311/9,BMW,501-8,BMW,502,BORGWARD,1800,BORGWARD,2400,BORGWARD,H2400,BORGWARD,Hansa,CISITALIA,202D,DAIMLER,2,5L V8 Saloon,DODGE,D25,DODGE,D31-D35 Kingsway,DODGE,D39,DODGE,D40-1 Kg.,DONALD HEALEY,3L,DONALD HEALEY,Sport,E.M.W.,311/9,FORD,Comete,HUDSON,Rambler 6B,HUMBER,Hawk,HUMBER,Mark IV,JAGUAR,2 Litres 400,JAGUAR,2-4 Litres,JAGUAR,3-4 Litres,JENSEN,Interceptor,MERCEDES,170S,MERCEDES,220,NASH,4840,NASH,5040,NASH,5140,NASH,5211-5240,NASH,5311-5340,NASH,Rambler,NASH,Stateman,OPEL,Kapitan,PLYMOUTH,Concard,PLYMOUTH,Luxe,PLYMOUTH,Savoy,PLYMOUTH,Subruban,RENAULT,Fregate,ROVER,95-110,SIMCA VEDETTE,Comete,STANDARD,Championne,STUDEBAKER,Champion,STUDEBAKER,Gd Turism.,STUDEBAKER,Lark,STUDEBAKER,Silver Hawk,TVR,Tuscan V8,VOLVO,221,WARSZAWA,203,WARTBURG,1000 SW,
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640-15 86 P - 640-15 - 640x15 - 6,40x15 - 6,40/15 - 640R15 - 6,40-15