Michelin 550-18 DR(Double Rivet) TT tire

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MICHELIN Double Rivet DR collection tire. This pattern, which appeared with beaded tires, was retained on the first bead tires in 1925. Truly revolutionary at the time, this pattern owes its name to the design of its tread

Reference 1185500000
Design tube type tyre, fitting with an inner tube mandatory
Dimension 550-18
Specificity maximum speed = 150km/h
Boudin Width 156mm
Tire outer diameter 762mm
Authorized rim (mini, ideal, maxi) 3.0-3.25-4.0-4.5 inches
Width 550
Structure -
Diameter 18
Profile DR(Double Rivets)
Basic designation 5.50-18
icon_image_1665591682.png Ce produit peut se monter sur :
Bugatti Type 57, Chrysler 6, Talbot Lago et baby, Lancia Astura, Horch 820, Bentley 3½ Litres, Bentley 4¼ Litres, Rover 2 Litre, Rover Meteor et Riley Big 4.
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